Yuanda Tools Rebuild Service For Used Saw Blade Sharpening Machine

As a saw blade sharpening machine manufacturer, Yuanda Tools not only produces new saw blade sharpening machines, but also provides remanufacture and rebuild services for old machines. No matter if your saw blade sharpening machine is produced by Yuanda Tools or your are currently using German saw blade sharpening machine, we can provide rebuild services.

how Yuanda Tools Rebuild used or second hand saw blade sharpening machine

  • Firstly, after the old saw blade sharpening machine been deliver to our factory, the sharpening machine will be dismembered by Yuanda Tools’s experienced engineering team, and all mechanical parts on the saw blade grinding machine will be dismantled and thoroughly cleaned.
  • After cleaning, the saw blade sharpening machine’s frame will be repainted after removing rust.
  • According to the customer’s budget, Yuanda Tools’s electrical engineers will replace aged electrical components or replace all the electrical components of the saw blade sharpening machine after completing the machine circuit inspection.
  • All the mechanical parts took off from the original saw blade grinding machine will be tested by Yuanda Tools’s mechanical engineer, the parts being examed and consider it is still qualified will be continue to use after removing rust and phosphating if necessary, the wear mechanical parts of the machine will be replaced with new ones. All the linear guide ways and ball screws of the original saw blade sharpening machine will be replaced.
  • After the saw blade sharpening machine passed through the rebuild process, the final in house testing and debugging will be carried out before deliver to the client. After the trial saw blade sharpening test, Yuanda Tools’s professional technical team will evaluate the effectiveness and accuracy of grinding.
  • Clients will recieved a saw blade sharpening machine from Yuanda Tools, almost the same as a new one.

Successful Cases of saw blade Sharpening Machine Remanufacturing

Produced in 2001, Yuanda Tools’s first generation saw blade sharpening machine MQH-600A was sent by the client requrest for total rebuild base on original machine frame and casting. The final goal is to upgarde it to the third general MQH-600C technology level.

  • The used and old Yuanda Tools MQH-600A saw blade sharpening machine is not pretty when we receive it.

After remanufacturing, testing and debugging, the 20+ years old machine has basically been completely transformed, equivalent to a new machine. A saw blade sharpening machine veteran, go ahead and create more value for your master.

  • A 30 year old Vollmer top and face saw blade sharpening machine’s circuit control system has been thoroughly upgraded by Yuanda Tools

After remanufacturing, testing and debugging, this classic model contuine to serve in our client’s workshop. Brand new Siemens control unit contains PLC, touch screen HMI and electric components been used in this project. Extra automatic lubration station is also added. Other machine components such as motors, oil pump, grinding head, guide ways have also been ungraded and replaced.

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