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Sharpening and Grinding process For TCT circular saw Blades

TCT circular saw blade, usually know as tungsten carbide tip circular saw blade are the most frequenctly used tools for the wood working and aluminum cutting business. Within all the soltions in the market, how can we select a good automatic saw blade sharpening machine as your saw blade resharpening and saw blade regrinding partner?

A good quality Automatic Saw Blade Sharpening Machine’s features

  • 1. Strong cast which endure annealing and timing for over 2 years before installation, the foundation for stable performance of the saw blade sharpening machine.
  • 2. Long service time and operating life.
  • 3. Good and intime after sales service and technical support for saw blade sharpening machine.
  • 4. Spare parts support for the saw blade sharpening machine within opereating life.
  • 5. Stable saw blade sharpening quality and continuity of saw blade grinding accuracy.

Yuanda Tools’s solution for Saw Blade Sharpening Machines

Currently, we offer different solutions base on different budget of our clients for circular carbide tip saw blade top and face sharpening and circular carbide tip saw blade double side sharpening.

  • Models for circular carbide tip saw blade top and face sharpening and grinding

MQH-600C Automatic top and face sharpening machine, MEH-600 Automatic face sharpening machine and EQH-600 Automatic top and face sharpening machine.

  • Models for circular carbide tip saw blade double side sharpening and grinding

MQF-600CNC Automatic double side sharpening machine and MQF-600B Automatic double side sharpening machine.

Grinding process For circular saw Blade

For saw blade regrinding, automatic top and face sharpening machines are necessary to purchase. Client can select MQH-600C auto top and face sharpening machine for industrial grade saw blade resharpening, this classic model can grinding all tooth profile and geometry of your circular saw blades, which includes FT/flat tooth, ATB/alternate bevel tooth, TCG/trapezoid-flat as well as combination.

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