Why Tensioning Is Important For Circular Saw Blade Production

Yuanda Tools as a professional factory for circular saw blade production and manufacturer for circular saw blade machinery. We are also the largest automatic circular saw blade grinding machine manufacturing enterprises with the longest history in China. We have decades of experience in machine tool manufacturing.

Besides producing the automatic saw blade sharpening machine, we also produce inspection tools and other equipment required in the production process of circular TCT carbide saw blades, such as run out tester, tension testing equipment, roller tensioning machine, surface polishing machine, automatic brazing machine, high frequency carbide tip repair machine, smithing hammer, smithing anvil, etc.

Tension is the main factor which let the circular saw blade running straight and run without deviation. The double rings on the saw blade body at the above pictures are the tensioning rings, which give extra force at the center of the saw body. But in the tensioning process,either too little tension or too much tension is good for the circular saw blade’s quality. Only correct amount tensioning force being place in saw blade body can have positive results, correct tension can let your saw blade have much more service life time and reduce the vibration and noice during high speed rotaion.

For the tensioning of circular saw blade, there are two ways for saw blade manufacturer to do it:
1. Using automatic saw blade roll tensioning machine produce by Yuanda Tools, the RTM-800 series model. The automatic saw blade tensioing machine can provide stable tension force to the roller, which will provide even and gentle tension force to the saw body. Yuanda tools can also customize special CNC saw blade tensioning machine for full automatic and can automatically avoid the scrapers on the wood cutting multiple saw blades.
2.Using hammer for tensioning by creating stress points on the circular saw blade body, but by this way is very hard to control the average of tensioning force and it can not greatly change the status of the tension level of the circular saw blade.

If you still having questions for circular saw blade tensioning, let us know, Yuanda Tools’s professional saw blade master will answer your questions for circular saw blade sharpening, circular saw blade brazing, circular saw blade grinding, circular saw blade welding and most importantly: circular saw blade tensioning and flattening.

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