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Special Design Saw Blade Grinding Wheel For Hook Angle And Face Angle Of Saw Blade Sharpening

In the daily use of circular saw blade grinding machines and circular saw blade sharpening machine, sharpening and grinding the face/hook of the circular saw blade is the most frequent. In the grinding service, if only the circular saw blade needs to be simply sharpened, we only need to grind or sharpening the front face/hook of the saw blade’s carbide tooth tip.

The conventional design of the face/hook grinding wheel has a relatively wide width diamond layer design, which leads to the grinding wheel becoming circular after long-term use, resulting in poor straightness of the grinding carbide tip and affecting the grinding quality of the circular saw blade.

To solve this issue, Yuanda Tools collaborated with our grinding wheel supplier who has been working with us for over 20 years to customize this special design front angle grinding wheel. From the picture, it can be seen that the sand layer of the grinding wheel is shaped like a bowl, and the width of the sand layer is very small, ensuring the sharpness of the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel maintains the best grinding performance during the process of grinding the circular saw blade. If you are using automatic saw blade sharpening machine or saw blade grinding machine, give it a try of our special made grinding wheels.

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