What Kind Of Grinding Wheels Are Needed For TCT Saw Blade Sharpening Machine?

For sharpening carbide or TCT tips of the circular saw blades, it is usually necessary to use the sharpening machine to finsh the grinding of the following angles of a saw blade:

  • Saw blade’s face angle or hook angle sharpening
  • Saw blade’s top angle or clerance angle sharpening
  • Saw blade’s double side sharpening

Why special made grinding Wheels for Saw blade sharpening is needed?

Besides having a industrial grade precision automatic saw blade sharpening machine, to achive the best quality carbide tip sharpening, special made diamond grinding wheels are needed to sharpening saw blade’s carbide tip due to different purpose.

TCT saw Blade Ginding wheels features

Each type of precision grinding for different side of the carbide tips requires different grinding wheels. The grinding wheels required for sharpening the hook angle, sharpening the top angle, and sharpening both sides are different, and they have different designs. To achieve better quality surface finish, double rim special saw blade grinding wheels are even used.

How Do we choose the correct grinding wheels for circular saw balde sharpening machine?

For the selection of grinding wheel particle size, generally speaking, the higher the grain size of the grinding wheel, the smoother the grinding surface and the sharper the angle of the saw blade after sharpening. But, however, grinding wheels with high mesh count are prone to clogging, so it is not necessarily the case that higher density wheels have better quality. Please select a suitable sharpening wheel based on the actual situation for your saw blade grinding machine or saw blade sharpening machine.

Having a industrial grade saw blade sharpening machine is a good thing. But, in order to better demonstrate the superiority of professional grade saw blade sharpening machines over a ordinary manual saw blade grinder in terms of saw blade tips grinding quality, choosing a suitable grinding wheel will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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