Daily Routine Maintenance Of Automatic Saw Blade Sharpening Machine,What Shall We Do?

External maintenance of saw blade sharpening machine

Before each shift, the surface of the saw blade sharpening machine must be cleaned and oiled to prevent rust, so as to keep all moving parts of the saw grinder in normal operation.

Maintenance of saw blade sharpening machine’s lubrication system and manual lubrication of mechanical components

The saw blade grinding machine produced by Yuanda Tools is equipped with an automatic lubricating grease pump, which is automatically controlled by the central control computer of the saw blade sharpening machine. After a specific period of time, the computer of the saw blade grinder will give instructions to require the lubrication pump to work. The lubricating grease will be transported to the mechanical parts of the machine, such as the ball screws and linear guide ways, through the lubrication pipeline. Nevertheless, we still recommend that the operator manually press the work button on the lubrication pump before starting the machine daily to perform an additional manual lubrication, with a pressing time of 3 to 8 seconds.

In addition, during daily routine inspections for the automatic saw blade sharpening machine, the operator needs to check whether the lubrication pipeline is damaged or blocked to ensure that the lubricating grease is delivered to the lubrication point properly. After the lubricating grease is used in the lubricating grease pump, new grease needs to be promptly added to the automatic lubrication pump.

For manual lubrication points, such as tooth setter, saw blade holder, we suggest add lubricating oil twice per shift.

Maintenance of saw blade sharpening machine’s hydraulic box and electric box

The hydraulic box and electric box shall be maintained and cleaned once a month. The power of the saw blade sharpening machine must be disconnected during the maintenance of the electric box to prevent industrial accidents.

After the installation and commissioning of the saw blade grinding machine, the oil is suggested to be changed for the first time after 500 working hours, and then every 2000 to 3000hours. While removing used hydraulic oil, clean the bottom of the machine’s oil tank ro remove all the oil dirt. Then,fill the saw blade grinding machine’s oil tank with 32# anti-wear hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil must be filtered to keep the hydraulic oil clean, there is a filter screen on the suction port of the saw blade sharpening machine’s hydraulic system . Fill the oil volume to 4 / 5 of the oil tank.

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