Special Double Rim Grinding Wheel For Automatic Circular Saw Blade Sharpening Machine

the common problem while we selecting the grinding wheel for circular saw blade

For the selection of grinding wheel particle size, generally speaking, the higher the grain size of the grinding wheel, the smoother the grinding surface and the sharper the angle of the saw blade after sharpening. But, however, grinding wheels with high mesh count are prone to clogging, so it is not necessarily the case that higher density wheels have better quality. So, having a balance between these two factors, selecting a suitable sharpening wheel for the saw blade sharpening machine is very important.

To solve this problem, Yuanda tools provides a special solution – The double rim grinding wheel for saw blade sharpening machine.

Yuada Tools’s professional solution for circular saw blade grinding wheel

Let’s take the tooth top saw blade sharpening machine grinding wheel for example. The latest grinding wheel design will simultaneously fit two different sizes of wear-resistant diamond particles on the same grinding wheel.

As we can see in the above picture, the latest design double rim grinding wheel for saw blade sharpening machine contain two rim, the outer rim adopt 180 grit coarse-grained design and the inner rim adopt 400 grit fine-grained design. While the grinding wheel touch the carbide tip of the saw blade during sharpening, the outer 180 grit coarse-grained layer will have a coarse grinding of the saw blade tip first, then follows the inner 400 grit fine-grained layer continue to finish precision sharpening. Special grain size saw blade sharpening grinding wheels can be also custom made.

Features of special design circular saw blade grinding wheel

Our grinding wheels undergo dynamic balancing processes to achieve the best grinding performance on the saw blade sharpening machine, and the dynamic balancing holes on the aluminum base of the grinding wheel are the best proof.

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