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The Process Flow Of Circular Saw Blade Sharpening & Circular Saw Blade Grinding

Using a full automatic saw blade sharpening machine for the regrinding is a good choice, but how can we do it? Read the following paragraph written by Yuanda Tools’s saw blade master to tell you how to do it.

According to the circular saw blade production process, the two sides of the circular saw blade and milling cutter must be ground and sharpen first, then the face angle, finally the tooth top. Because the circular saw blade and milling cutter has an outer diameter tolerance requirement, the outer diameter tolerance can be controlled by sharpening the tooth top at last.

For the regrinding and resharpening circular saw blade service center, the saw blade sharpening process can be like this:

  1. Check if there is broken tooth tip on the saw blade, if there are broken tooth, after replacing the broken tip and brazing the new tooth tip, the double sides of the circular saw blade needs to resharpen. If there is no broken tooth tip on the saw blade, the sharpening process of used saw blade don’t need double side sharpening.
  2. Sharpening the tooth face, usually known as hook angle of the circular saw blade. The angle shall be 90 degress according to the saw blade’s double side sharpening patten.
  3. Sharpening the tooth top, usually known as clearance angle of the circular saw blade.

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