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Automatic Circular Saw Blade brazing Machine Export To Europe

A state-owned enterprise located in Eastern Europe needs to replace the carbide tips of their used circular saw blades, and they have initiated a bidding for a machine that can be used for both circular saw blade welding, circular saw blade brazing, circular saw blade soldering and removal of broken carbide tips. Yuanda Tools, as the main manufacturer of automatic circular saw blade brazing machine and automatic circular saw blade welding machines in China, participated in this bidding. After multiple reviews and external technical team reviews, Yuanda Toolsy won this bidding.

The latest generation of Yuanda Tools’s automatic circular saw blade brazing machine, also know as automatic circular saw blade welding machine and automatic circular saw blade soldering machine, is equip with high performance high frequency machine, which provides the heat energy for the carbide tips brazing. The heat generate by the high frequency machine can also use for removing and repalcing the old and broken tips of the circular saw blade.

The client select the ZDH-800 Automatic circular saw blade brazing machine produce by Yuanda Tools, which is our the latest brazing machine model, operator of the saw blade welding machine can use solder tape(contain silver) or solder wire, for special purpose high strength carbide tip brazing, the solder tape and solder wire can use together. This tolerant design brings operational convenience to the customers of circular saw blade manufacturer, circular saw blade factory, circular saw blade service center.

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