RTMA-400CNC Automatic CNC Circular Saw Blade Roll Tensioning Machine with Robot, Robotic Auto Saw Blade Tension Rolling Machine

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The RTMA-400CNC auto robotic type saw blade roll tensioning machine is a derivative model based on the standard model RTM-800CNC saw blade roll tensioning machine with additional robotic arms installed. As an upgraded model to improve automation, RTMA-400CNC auto robotic saw blade tension rolling machine retains all the basic functions of the RTM-800CNC series, allowing operators to roll tension circular saw blades with diameters ranging from 150 to 800mm without the robotic arm. In the mode of using a robotic arm to grab the saw blade, it can automatically grab a circular saw blade with a maximum diameter of 400mm.

For a circular saw blade, in order to make it more stable and run without deviation during high-speed rotation, tension must be applied to the circular saw blade body. All high-speed rotating cutting tools, such as circular TCT saw blade, circular diamond saw blade, circular knife, log saw blade, etc. require rolling tension processing, which is crucial for high-quality cutting tools. Yuanda tools RTMA-400CNC is the best choice for the circular saw blade tension rolling task. Compared with the standard saw blade tension rolling model RTM-800CNC, RTMA-400CNC auto robotic saw blade tension rolling machine has improved the level of automation and greatly reduced the workload of operators. Although RTMA-400CNC does not have automatic saw blade flipping function compared to RTMF-400CNC solution with full automation, it is still the most cost-effective automatic saw blade roll tensioning machine model.

Above the roll tensioning machine’s touch screen, the electrical engineer from Yuanda Tools innovatively added the latest electronic pressure control unit. If there is a slight decrease in pressure during the saw blade’s tension rolling process of the hydraulic unit, the machine will be stopped to ensure uniform and consistent tension is applied to each circular saw blade.


Machine Feature

  • Reliable hydraulic system
  • Color touch screen HMI
  • Automatic whole circle roll tensioning up to 4 layers of tensioning rings
  • Optional fiber optic sensor for automatically avoiding scrapers on multi-ripping saw blades
  • Simple and reliable professional robot for saw blade loading and unload
  • Long service life

technical Parameter

Saw Blade Diameter 150-800 mm
Robot Automatic Mode Saw Blade Load And Unload Diameter 150 to 405 mm
Robot Disable Mode Rolling Saw Blade Diameter 150 to 800 mm
Saw Blade Thickness 1 to 10 mm
Maximum Rolling Force 60kN
Minimum Rolling Force 8kN

Total Power 5.0W
Voltage and Frequency Standard 380V 50Hz 3Phase(Custom made available)
Oil Pump Motor Power 1.1kW
Frequency Converter Power 2.2kW

Dimensions (Length X WidthHeight) 1860 X1550X 1760mm
Net Weight 1200 KG
Gross Weight 1350KG (Contain packing)

Optional configuration

    • KEYENCE fiber optic sensor solution for automatically avoiding scrapers on multi-ripping saw blades, suitable for automatically roll tensioning for strobe saw blades

    • Customized services can be provided according to the actual needs of customer’s special saw blade roll tensioning task

    • Mechanical circular saw blade tension measuring device