MSD-650 CNC Automatic Scraper Sharpening Machine For Woodworking Multi Ripping Saw Blade

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MSD-650CNC Automatic scraper sharpening machine for woodworking multi ripping circular saw blade have a twin station design. It is an economic model with high cost performance. Compared with the previous generation of 8-axis model, this machine adds two lateral axes of worktable to deal with the grinding of multi-layer scraper saw blades. The machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, full numerical control and easy operation.

During operation,the MSD-650CNC automatic scraper sharpening machine is divided into two working stations: A station and B station. The operator can grind two saw blades at the same time, turn over to the opposite side to another station to grind the opposite side when completing single-sided grinding. The whole machine controls the combination of 10 stepper motors through PLC to complete the control of machine actions. Special design strobe saw with quadruple layers and different strobe length can be also completed grinding by interface parameter settings.

This machine can produce woodworking multi ripping circular saw blade and strobe saw blades range from 150mm to 650mm. Several machines can be operated simultaneously by one person. It is very suitable for manufacturers who manufacture batch circular strobe saw blades and retread used circular strobe saw blades.

machine Feature

  • 10-inch color touch screen HMI
  • Automatic whole circle sharpening of multiple layers saw blade scrapers
  • Maxinum 4 layers scraper sharpening
  • CNC grinding wheel feed
  • Twin working station design

technical parameter

Saw Blade Grinding Diameter 100-650 mm
Saw Blade Tooth Pitch 8 to150 mm
Saw Blade Thickness 1 to 10 mm
Grinding Head Feed Rate 2 to 6 mm/min
Scraper Layers 4
Max Grinding Speed 8 Scraper/min

Total Power 3.0kW
Voltage and Frequency Standard 380V 50Hz 3Phase(Custom made available)
Grinding head motor Power 0.75kW
Coolant Pump Power 0.09kW

Length 1780 mm
Width 1570 mm
Height 1800 mm
Net Weight 1050KG
Gross Weight 1125KG

Grinding Wheel size Ø100 x Ø20
Coolant Tank Capacity 150L