MQF-600B Automatic Double Side TCT Saw Blade Sharpening Machine

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MQF-600B automatic double side circular TCT saw blade sharpening machine is the second-generation saw blade double side grinding machine of Yuanda Tools.

MQF-600B Double side automatic saw blade sharpening machine, also know as saw blade double side grinding machine and saw blade double side grinder. This classic saw blade sharpening model is made up from 3 major parts: the mechanical drive system, the electric control system and the hydraulic system. The machine is designed for full automatic double side sharpening process of circular TCT saw blade. The operator can set the tooth number of the saw blade on the interface and adjust both side’s feed via the grinding handwheel, then the machine can automatically finish the sharpening procedure.

The automatic double side saw blade sharpening machine can produce and resharpen saw blades range from 100mm to 600mm. Several automatic saw blade sharpening machines can be operated simultaneously by one person. It is characterized by high automation and precision, quick efficiency and convenient adjustment. This machine is suitable for mass production of saw blades by the manufacturer and for the regrinding service of used saw blades. MQF-600B Double side automatic saw blade grinder have a simple and reliable handwheel grinding wheel feed structure.

Yuanda tools 2nd generation MQF-600B automatic saw blade double side sharpening machine is the most reliable model with stable performance in the domestic market.

Machine Feature

  • High strength castings that have undergone heat treatment and natural aging ensure the accuracy and stability of the mechanical structure
  • Durability for saw blade double side sharpening precision
  • Stable performance and long service life
  • MITSUBISHI Central control system
  • SIEMENS Electrical component
  • Automatic whole circle grinding
  • Simple and reliable handwheel grinding wheel feed structure

Technical Parameter

Saw Blade Grinding Diameter 100-600 mm
Saw Blade Tooth Pitch 8 to 50 mm
Saw Blade Thickness 1 to 10 mm
Grinding Head Feed Rate 2 to 6 mm/min
Front Rake Angle -10 to +25°
Radial Angle -3 to +5°
Max Grinding Speed 15 tooth/min
Oil Pump Pressure 4 Mpa

Total Power 3.0kW
Voltage and Frequency Standard 380V 50Hz 3Phase(Custom made available)
Grinding head motor Power 1.1kW x 2
Oil Pump MotorPower 0.55kW
Lifting Angle Motor Power 0.37kW
Lubrication Pump Power 0.06kW

Length 1750 mm
Width 1570 mm
Height 1900 mm
Net Weight 1150 KG (Half cover model), 1250 KG(Full cover model)
Gross Weight 1250KG (Half cover model), 1350 KG(Full cover model)

Grinding Wheel size Ø100 x Ø32
Coolant Tank Capacity 120L