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The MQH series automatic TCT circular saw blade top and face sharpening and grinding machine, EQH series economic type automatic TCT circular saw blade top and face sharpening and grinding machine and MQF series automatic TCT circular saw blade double side sharpening and grinding machine produced by Yuanda tools, our circular saw blade sharpening solutions they all use multi wedge belt as the driving belt for the grinding head and the grinding head motor.

For the circular saw blade sharpening and grinding machine, using our drive belt solution is suitable for high quality saw blade sharpening. The contact area and friction force between the multi groove belt and the pulley are relatively large, and the load distribution along the bandwidth is more uniform, resulting in greater transmission capacity. This design is to ensure that the power of the motor is better and more evenly transmitted to the grinding head, and excellent transmission design is the guarantee of good sharpening quality of the circular saw blade.

Main characteristics of multi wedge belt:

  • The transmission power is high, and when the space is the same, it is 30% higher than the transmission power of a regular V-belt.
  • The transmission system has a compact structure, and under the same transmission power, the space occupied by the transmission device is 25% less than that of a regular V-belt.
  • The multi wedge belt is soft and suitable for high-speed transmission, with low transmission vibration, less heat generation, and smooth operation.
  • Heat resistant and oil resistant.
  • Wear-resistant with low elongation.
  • Long service life.

If you have purchase Yuanda tools’s automatic saw blade sharpening machine directly from us or via our distributor. If sparepare such as driving belt and belt pully is needed, please contact the sales engineer or after-sales engineer of Yuanda Tools.