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Yuanda tools provide different types of accessories and spareparts for our CNC automatic saw blade sharpening machine and CNC automatic saw blade grindng machine.  As for the spareparts and accessories of automatic saw blade grinder produce by other manufacturers, Yuanda tools will also provide components and technical support as much as possible.

While using our MQH series top and face sharpening and grinding machine, EQH series economic top and face sharpening and grinding machine and MQF series double side sharpening and grinding machine, in order to achieve the best sharpening quality of your circular saw blade, a standard ring to fit in the saw blade’s bore is needed to hold the saw blade steady during automatic sharpening is important. For circular saw blades with different sizes of holes, usually call it “bore diamater”, the corresponding hanging core sleeves(rings) are required. We provide saw blade hanging core shafts of 10mm or 12mm. The saw blade hanging core shaft and the rings of the circular saw blade sharpening machine, they need to be closely coordinated, and when manufacturing and producing them, it is necessary to ensure the tolerance range. The dimensional accuracy of both will have a direct impact on the grinding accuracy of the circular saw blades, and Yuanda tools can provide customers with precise centering rings.

If needed, please let us know the bore size of your circular saw blade. Yuanda Tools provides standard size 22mm,25.4mm,30mm,32mm and customized size core sleeves for customers who purchase our CNC automatic saw blade sharpening machine and CNC automatic saw blade grindng machine.