BMS-600 Semi-automatic Scraper Brazing Machine For Woodworking Multi Ripping Saw Blade, Strobe Saw Blade Side knife Brazing Machine

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For multi-ripping circular saw blades, the scrapers being brazed on the saw body plays a very important role. The scrapers will quickly discharge the wood chips, thereby preventing excessive friction between the wood chips and the saw body and causing the saw blade to heat up.

For the circular saw blade manufacturers, how to quickly, accurately and efficiently braze the scrapers onto the multi-ripping circular saw blades has become a problem. To solve this, Yuanda Tools has issue the BMS series scraper brazing machine for woodworking multi-ripping saw blade.

BMS-600 scraper brazing machine for woodworking multiple ripping saw blade, also known as strobe saw blade side knife brazing machine have a semi-automatic design. The scraper carbide strip is first fixed in position by a pneumatic finger clamp. Then manually adjust the position of the scraper hole, click the scraper’s current position on the HMI and confirm the rest brazing position of all scraper layers on the touch screen. After setting is finished, when operator press the corresponding scraper layer button, the machine will automatically move to the corresponding scraper brazing position.

BMS-600 strobe saw blade side knife and scraper brazing machine supports the use of solder wire or solder tape to braze the scraper. The 10kW ultra-high frequency heating unit provides stable and adequate heating power, which effectively ensures the scraper’s brazing quality.

Machine Feature

  • Reliable 10kW ultra-high frequency heating unit
  • Convenient switching for scrapers with different length
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Long service life
  • High reliability

technical Parameter

Saw Blade Diameter 150-600 mm
Scraper Length 100 to 70 mm
Scraper Width 1.5 to 10 mm
Maximum Scraper Layers  4 Layers
Saw Blade Body Thickness 1 to 4 mm
Saw Blade Hook/Face Angle -5 to +25 degree
Scraper Brazing Speed 6 to 12pcs/min

Total Power 10.0W
Ultra-High Frequency Heating Unit Power 10.0W
Voltage and Frequency AC220V 50Hz
Air Pressure ≥2KG
Water Pressure ≥3KG

Dimensions (Length X WidthHeight) 1250 X700X 1350mm
Net Weight 400 KG
Gross Weight 450KG (Contain packing)

Optional configuration

  • Customized services can be provided according to the actual needs of customer’s scraper brazing task
  • Customizable larger size for bigger diameter woodworking multi ripping saw blade