ZDH-1400 Automatic Saw Blade Brazing Machine, Automatic Saw Blade Welding Machine

Automatic brazing-Automatic carbide/diamond tip detection-CNC control-High rigidity-Reliable-Precise

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ZDH-1400 Automatic circular saw blade brazing machine, also known as automatic saw blade soldering machine, is made up of a frame, a mechanical drive system, electric control system, a high frequency power supply system and a high frequency cooling unit. The automatic saw blade soldering machine is design to braze the carbide tip or diamond tip to the circular saw blade body. The operator only need to input the relevant parameters, after start the automatic mode after debugging, the automatic saw blade brazing machine will work automatically.

ZDH-1400 Automatic circular saw blade brazing machine can use soldering wire or soldering tape for brazing. Compared with the previous generation model saw blade soldering / automatic saw blade brazing machine, the new model offer two solutions: the intelligent visual carbide recognition system and the laser optical fiber system. The visual recognition system has the self-learning function, and greatly improves the accuracy of carbide recognition for batch production of same specification. The traditional laser optical fiber solution is more suitable for the production of various specifications saw blades.

The currently latest generation automatic saw blade soldering/brazing machine adopts high-performance KEYENCE® PLC and digital fiber sensors imported from Japan and Taiwan HIWIN® precision grade linear guide ways, which further improves the reliability and stability of the automatic saw blade soldering machine during carbide tip and diamond tip brazing operation.

ZDH-1400 Automatic circular saw blade brazing machine can braze saw blades range from 600mm to 1400mm. Several saw blade soldering machines can be operated simultaneously by one person. It is characterized by high automation and precision, quick efficiency and convenient adjustment. It is very suitable for manufacturers who produce batch circular saw blades.

Machine Feature

  • Color Touch Screen HMI
  • KEYENCE Central control system
  • High rigidity machine frame ensure the accuracy and stability of the mechanical structure
  • Durability of brazing quality and precision, long service life
  • High quality frequency power supply with independent cooling unit
  • Full CNC control

Technical Parameter

Saw Blade Brazing Diameter 600 to 1400 mm
Saw Blade Tooth Pitch 8 to 200 mm
Saw Blade Body Thickness 3.0 to 10.0 mm
Length of Carbide Tip/Diamond Tip 5.5 to 15.0 mm
Width of Carbide Tip/Diamond Tip 4.0 to 10.0 mm
Thickness of Carbide Tip/Diamond Tip 1.5 to 12.0 mm
Width of Solder Tape 3.5 to 9.0mm
Brazing Speed 10 to 15tooth/min
Compressed Air Pressure ≥5 Mpa

Total Power 10kW
Voltage and Frequency Standard 220V 50/60Hz Single Phase(Custom made available)
High Frequency Power 8kW
Water Chiller Power 1.5kW

Length 2150 mm
Width 1200 mm
Height 1850 mm
Net Weight 1000 KG
Gross Weight 1175 KG (Contain packing)

Operating instruction

In order to let customers more familiar with and master how to operate the automatic saw blade brazing machine, we have specially produced a operation instruction video for the ZDH-1400 Automatic saw blade brazing machine , as shown below:

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